Natural Perfection

Tuesday, December 1, 2020


We took an exquisite walk on Barn Island today, rambling along the stony trails with November splendor all around us.

There seemed to be perfection wherever I looked. There was the long, lovely marshland, of course, and there were brambles and vines and old leaning trees and sloppy mud and countless strangely-shaped stones and a peculiar, primitive hut and not a single beautiful bird – but there was perfection in all of it, including, of course, the excellence of the partnership of we two wandering walkers. I felt like we were in friendship with this silent and flawless island this morning, and I know we both felt thankful to be part of the customary Barn Island magnificence.


In Perfection, PA, 
every day seems ideal.
Even people’s faults seem flawless, 
as if selfishness is always
second-to-none selfishness 
and sorrows
are quintessential sorrows.  
Somehow, each sunrise seems unexcelled, 
and people praise 
the unsurpassable appropriateness 
of every single present moment. 
To the residents of Perfection,
even a wildly stormy day 
is too good to be true, 
and their kind of boredom
is beyond compare. 
If you visit Perfection, PA,
be ready for thorough-going thoughts, 
and then immaculate memories 
when you get home.  

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