Monday, November 30, 2020

3:18 p.m.

We’re in the midst of a windy rainstorm today, and it’s telling me to take it in stride and see something good in it. All it is is rain and wind, unless my thoughts make it into something messy and scary. It’s what’s happening right here and now, so I might as well welcome it – and welcoming is way more pleasurable than resisting.

And I’ll bet Alfred Bierstadt welcomed this storm (below), since it gave him the opportunity to make a memorable painting.

“A Storm in the Rocky Mountains”, oil, 1866, by Alfred Bierstadt

And finally, my small poem about welcoming wind …

Ellie G., 42, Blessings, CT
She feels an unconfined 
and friendly wind
inside and around her life,
and she loves doing 
what this wind wishes.
It’s both colossal 
and quiet,
 and softly throws itself 
through her days, 
and she’s happy 
to be sympathetically carried 
by such a helpful force.
She enjoys finding ways 
to ride with this wind,
and the ride is always

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