Loving What Is

Sunday, November 29, 2020

I recently listened to a guided meditation called “Loving What Is”, and, on our 90-minute walk this morning in the Canonchet Preserve, I seemed to be practicing that meditation. I was just silently praising whatever I saw, like these special scenes.

Someone might wonder what is so special about shriveled leaves, a sluggish pool, and centuries-old stones, but today, for me, they were as awe-inspiring as rainbows and mountaintops. Somehow, they shined in their ordinariness and sang in their commonness and simplicity. I felt like it was an honor for us to be there, as though we were witnessing some sovereign ceremony as we walked quietly over the leaves and rocks and roots. Perhaps I’ll call it the ceremony of ‘loving what is’. In their own way, the leaves and trees and big boulders surely loved being right there, at Canonchet Preserve on this frosty, sunny Sunday in November, and so did we.

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