On a walk Friday at the Peace Sanctuary, I stopped to watch these leaves moving in a slight wind – wavering, we might say, as the wind wandered this way and that.

And actually, I guess all of life – all of everything – is constantly wavering, in the sense of always changing and adjusting. Nothing ever stays the same, not even for a single second. I thought about that as Delycia and I were walking this morning in the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Preserve. Life was veering this way and that, up and down and crossways and back again – trees continually bowing in breezes, leaves sliding and slipping under our boots, cells inside us always adjusting as they do their unceasing work. Even the light was never the same for two seconds, which makes me happy that I have this photo of the shine of the morning light through the trees at one special moment.

And here’s a short film of my favorite walking partner – and person – striding along the trail as the trees and leaves and mist and clouds shuffle and restyle and waver around her.

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