Continuous Accomplishing

 I often get lost for a few minutes – sometimes a few hours – in a worrisome desire to ‘accomplish’ things, and what I usually lose sight of in those off-course minutes is the fact that countless accomplishments are always happening, inside and all around me. While I’m fretting over how little I have accomplished some mornings, my body is constantly accomplishing small miracles – lungs lifting flawlessly, heart thumping with soft trustworthiness, old eyes smoothly receiving the sights around me.  

Plus, if I can stop thinking about just little ‘me’, I will see, for sure, that accomplishments are happening for infinite distances all around me. As I’m writing this, a spider is accomplishing the construction of a web just outside the window, winds are accomplishing a picturesque shaking of leaves and limbs on trees, and sunshine is accomplishing the complete redesign of our neighbor’s lawn with light. And these are just a few of the numberless accomplishments this universe completes each and every moment. 

       So, when I’m agonizing, some morning, about how little I’ve accomplished, I hope I can remember that another name for life itself is ‘accomplishment’. It’s happening all the time, Ham. Just forget about ‘me’ for a moment, and you’ll see the miracles being stunningly and continuously accomplished everywhere!

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