Wintry and Windy

This morning, a wintry and windy one, we took a warmly-masked and spirited walk along the Mystic River, into downtown Mystic and along the docks and then back to the Peace Sanctuary. As always, the views along the river were inspiring, with a low sun shining through a sky full of billows of grayness.

On this very stressful election day, as a whole nation holds its breath, I came across this poem I wrote a number of years ago, and it brought me comfort, and some much-needed confidence in the future of our adrift and frenzied country.

Whatever is here, as you sit, 
just juggle it all, 
as if you genuinely enjoy 
the gymnasium aspect of life. 
You’ll see the edges of events and thoughts 
gracefully change direction 
as you toss them with thorough agility.
You’ll feel encouragement 
from all around you, 
the magical air, 
your ageless breath. 

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