Walks with New Companions

I have loved walking hundreds of miles with Delycia – she is my all-time favorite walking comrade – but she is currently limping a little with a persistent foot soreness, so I’ve had to do the walks alone – or, as in the last few days, with new trail companions.

Yesterday, at the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Preserve, I set out with my daughter Annie and grandson Louie, and we had a wonderful walk, with masks and distancing included. Six feet between us was no block to constant, breezy conversation as we strolled along the inspiring trails, even standing on old foundations from 1892 …

It was just what this lucky grandfather needed on a chilly, cheerful October afternoon.

On Saturday, my walking partners were Louie, again, but accompanied by his dad, Gabe (Annie was taking the afternoon off with her mom) – and it was another splendid ramble, this time at the Barn Island Preserve, where we were surrounded by golden marsh grasses, an awesome sky, and the distant seas beyond. We laughed and made poems and climbed boulders and promenaded along the breech-way like we were born there.

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