Lonesome, but Still Lucky

My beloved walking pal, Delycia, is down with a sore foot, so I took a solo late afternoon walk yesterday in the Denison Pequotsepos Preserve, and it was inspiring in a silent, peaceful way. I missed having my sidekick by my side, and it made the trails seem almost lonesome – but not quite. This preserve is bursting with life, even in these final days before frost, and I could see and hear the various movements and music of Mother Nature all around me as I walked.

Here are a few of the helpful signs I passed along the way.

We often walk in the Peace Sanctuary.

The view from the top of the trail

We love these old New England walls – such works of art! (See below.)

+ + + + +

For the past month or so, I have been our dinner chef, and I must say that I have enjoyed it. Perhaps cooking carefully and with pleasure is a discovery I am just now making in my 78th year. It’s been fun to find appealing recipes, prepare them thoughtfully, and then set them out for us to (hopefully) delight in together.

This was on the menu today – stuffed zucchini, also called ‘zuccanoes’. We both gave it a solid ‘A’.

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