Patient Leaves and Stones

I saw more lovely colored leaves this morning on my walk in the Peace Sanctuary, and for some reason, I kept thinking of the word ‘patience’. In my own life, I often restlessly dash through the moments and hours, but these autumn leaves set a fine example for me of simply waiting. The leaves patiently let the trees hold them, day after day as their colors change, until, one day when the time is perfect, they calmly let go, float free, and gladly land wherever. I could do with a lot more ‘letting’ and ‘floating’ and ‘gladly landing’ in my life.

Here are some very patient trees and leaves.

And here, under the trees, are some patient stones and boulders which have been stoically sitting precisely where they are for hundreds of thousands of years.

In storms and sunshine, while wars and love affairs flowed endlessly across the planet, these boulders have long-sufferingly stayed where they still are, on a trail in the Peace Sanctuary in Mystic, CT.

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