Today, I’m feeling puzzled, as I am on most days in my 78th year – but, luckily, it’s a light-hearted kind of puzzlement, the kind people often feel when pondering hundreds of small pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, like this one …

which I just finished this afternoon. There were times when I felt lost and bewildered among these tiny pieces, but it was a happy lost because I knew that I would be ‘found’ before long – as I finally was this afternoon.

I also felt puzzled this morning, in an easy and marvelous way, as Delycia and I were walking along a trail in the Denison Coogan Nature Preserve in Mystic. Who wouldn’t be happily baffled by these astonishing colors …

and by the stunning pleasures of this kind of walking?

(Oops. A mistake by a very puzzled guy: It was October 17, NOT September 18th!)

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