It’s consoling to realize that I don’t ever have to ‘try’ to be part of a group, a community, because I, and all of us – all people and trees and flowers and flowing rivers – are naturally and necessarily part of an uncountable number of groups or communities. The very fact that I and all things and people are part of an infinite universe means that we all belong to that group – the everlasting community called The Universe. I have no choice, actually. I don’t have to want or try to be part of this group; like it or not, I  am part of it. And what’s wonderful is that this group – this community – that I belong to is always doing wonderful activities, and doing them all together. When I breathe in and out, I’m participating in an exciting and enjoyable activity, and – wonder of wonders – billions of other creatures are doing it with me at the very same time! When I see with my eyes, I’m taking part in an adventure called ‘sight’ with numberless other living beings. We’re side by side, in a sense, in partnership across the earth and sky, savoring the experience of seeing. How fortunate – to be part of an endless number of boundless groups and communities! How lucky, to be seamlessly united with others in so many wonderful ways!

I thought of writing about ‘community’ after our walk this morning, during which we passed this ‘community’ of old stones sitting in peace -a solid group of friends for probably centuries.

And here we are, a community of two shadows, striding along through a local neighborhood …

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