Yesterday and today, we did three-mile walks in beautiful Denison Pequotsepos Nature Preserve, in the early morning as the sun was just starting to spread its light. As usual, I felt stronger and more loosened up with each step. Somehow, life seemed larger and more aglow as we made our way along the lovely trails. Below is a slideshow of scenes we saw along the way …

Walking can work miracles, 
can make leaves leap up
and grass give its gifts 
to your feet. 
Walking can make you wonder 
why sunlight lives on certain tree limbs, 
on silent stones, 
on sticks that seem precious. 
Walking can carry you,
like a cloud 
that will never disappear. 
Walking can be where you live 
and why you laugh. 
Shoes passing over stones 
seem to always be smiling.  

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