Often, when coming off an interstate highway, I notice the smooth flow of cars moving on and off the highway, and it sometimes starts me thinking about the predominance of smooth movements all across this world – movements that seldom make the evening news. Cars, for instance, all across the world are evenly streaming around clover leafs 24/7 all year long, with only an occasional disruption – billions of cars smoothly cruising along with a silky kind of ease and efficiency. The same is true of pedestrian traffic, the countless numbers of walkers who work their way effortlessly along streets and sidewalks, a ceaseless and almost graceful pedestrian river. Sure, there are jostles and annoyances now and then, but mostly the stream of walkers the world over just keeps fluidly moving. If I could somehow see all this unruffled flow of cars and pedestrians from a few miles above the earth, I would think this planet was a safe and stylish place to live. Unfortunately, the evening news seldom shows us the elegance that’s all around us. I guess the relatively scarce instances of disruption and disarray tell a more exciting story, but they don’t tell the truth about the overall smoothness of this life we lead together on earth.   

Here are some clouds in this morning’s sky that seemed so smooth as they slowly shifted snd swirled … 

(at the Mystic Aquarium)
Big and small fish
flow along together,
taking no concern for the cold
outside or the shrieking
of politicians and voters.
There's a smoothness here,
a helpful kind of quiet,
a calm among many kinds
of creatures that keep quietly
floating even while fear
fights its way through
cities and countrysides,
where people live
who could learn
from these restful, confident fish.

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