In my 45 years as an English teacher, each summer, as I looked forward to a new school year, the word ‘unhurried’ often came to mind as a description of the kind of teaching I hoped to do. I wanted to avoid rushing through a lesson, running through a review, sprinting through a ‘to do’ list, or charging ahead with impulsive words and actions. I wanted to do everything the way the sun rises, with an easy kind of poise. I knew there was never any need for urgency in teaching English to teenagers. The planet would continue turning whether I covered three or six or zero comma rules in a class period. Our hearts would continue beating and our trillion cells would keep being reborn no matter what happened (or didn’t happen) in 9th grade English class on Barnes Road. I wanted to do everything with attentiveness and consideration. Flowers can’t be hastened into blooming before their proper time, nor can good teaching be rushed. I hoped to allow each 60 seconds in class to be utterly thorough and satisfying. All the moments in the universe are precious ones, so I figured I might as well slow down and appreciate each one as it effortlessly displayed itself in Room 2.

We took a very unhurried walk this morning in the Oswegatchie Hills Preserve, and the forest itself seemed a model of ‘unhurriedness’. All was at peace. A feeling of leisure lingered all around us as we walked. Nature, I guess, naturally does things in an easygoing way. Even the worst storms seem to flow with ease, albeit a muscular sort of ease. I think we both felt surrounded by repose and relaxation as we walked.

Here are some scenes of serenity in the forest …

…. and here’s a short video from the hike …

Ellie G., 42, Blessings, CT
It’s fun for Ellie to see 
how comfortable 
the life around her is.
The trees in the yard 
seem snug in their world
 of winds and sunshine, 
and storms 
are mostly loose-fitting, 
so she’s able to relax 
and be casual 
as thunders crash
and lightning streaks along
in a leisurely way.   
Happiness, for her, 
is always unhurried 
and, if she stays patient, 
it calmly arrives like 
an easygoing friend. 
Her heart 
is a comfy place, 
safe in a friendly way,
and vast 
 like an endless, cozy home.  

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