Goodness is a steady and faithful follower. It seems to pursue me everywhere – in stores, where I can always see a gracious smile from at least one person; on walks, where strangers sometimes send a greeting with a wave; and especially in the midst of disappointment or sadness, when I can always count on goodness giving me its gifts. Goodness is persistent and enduring – a dutiful follower even in serious unhappiness. It’s always just behind me, right in my footsteps, ready to help.    

And here’s a threesome of pure goodness – Annie, Gabe, and young Louie. How can a dad and grandad be this lucky!

One day
a man with advanced cancer 
grew weary of goodness
and decided to flee from it forever. 
He tried to not see 
the graciousness of the nurses and doctors, 
nor the benevolence brought by the sunshine 
at his hospital window,
nor the mild manners
of autumn’s leaves settling 
on the windowsill. 
He turned his face
 from the affectionate softness
of his comfortable bed,
and from the goodwill
of the clean walls and helpful floors.
He couldn’t stand the compassion
 of his visitors, 
and he always jumped away
 from the generosity of a new morning. 
It was no use, though, 
for goodness never gives up. 
The man finally surrendered to it, 
and both he and his grateful cancer
 fell into its soft arms.

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