I’ve grown to love the word ‘wherever’, I guess because it seems like such a wide-open, welcoming word. It says to me, “Come on in, at anytime and in any place. Please enter – and enjoy feeling satisfied.” ‘Wherever’ is a word about miracles. If I ask where I can find miracles, this word gives the answer, ‘Wherever you are.’

This morning, while Delycia was doing a walk along the river, I took a bike ride along Lantern Hill Road, and – yes – wherever I looked, I saw miracles and felt a powerful satisfaction. If someone had asked me what part of the ride was the best, I would have answered, “Wherever I was,” because every moment was a miracle to me.


(about Patricia F., 46, Blessings, CT)
August 11, 2020 
is precisely where she wishes to be - 
inside a shimmering forest 
beneath an unfolding sorrow,
in a disorderly store 
on a silent seashore -
She says wherever she is 
is perfect for her
because wherever 
is always perfect 
for this 

And here are two miracles from earlier this morning, at 5:15 a.m …

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