It’s so easy for me to wonder, especially since I’m 78 and have seen at least 78,000 wonders in my life, and have learned to love them wherever they show up, which is always everywhere. Life, even the saddest and scariest parts, is filled up full with wonders, and I usually wander around my days in a daze of wonder.

Here’s a wonder we saw on our morning hike at the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Preserve…

And some more full-of-wonder scenes …

Once upon a time, 
there was a woman who always wondered. 
She wondered who she was, 
why the sun shined, 
where her thoughts came from. 
Wondering was her way of life. 
She was always smiling 
because she was always wondering,
and she was always wondering 
because she was a wonder herself,
and what wonders do 
is called wondering. 
All things were wonders to her, 
even small holes in a road
the paws of her cat 
a scrap of paper on the carpet.
The world was a wondering place for her,
and she and the world 
cheerfully went wondering together. 

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