August 2, 2020

I was sitting in the shade of some trees at the far end of our yard yesterday, when I saw this dear friend in the distance – my beloved Delycia, watering her beloved flowers.

No garden gets a greater gift than having a gardener like her, one who constantly cares for them – weeding, trimming, moving, clipping – and spraying with much needed water in these very dry times. Lucky blossoms, lucky me.

This morning we took an almost 3-mile walk in the Canonchet Preserve (Hopkinton, RI), and were greeted with countless magnificent scenes, such as boulders perfectly balanced …

… and a stunning spiderweb …

And here are the very happy walkers, with another balanced boulder behind them …

And here’s a poem I wrote many years ago, using a simple pencil and a piece of scrap paper …

And another old poem, written for my son Jaimie when he was 11 or 12 …

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