Every single day – in fact, every single moment – I receive countless gifts, simply because I somehow came into this astonishing universe 78 years ago. Through no reason that I can comprehend, major gifts are constantly bestowed upon me, gifts like a new breath to breathe, a new sight to see, a new sound to hear, a new thought to think. I guess I should be smiling like a birthday-boy every single second!

Today, I received the gifts shown below – luxurious flowers from Delycia’s garden, a graceful spider on my pants, and the silent and serene Mystic River. And this kind of lush and lavish gift-giving happens nonstop, without a break, night and day. Am I a lucky old guy, or what?

One day,
a certain man was ready to give gifts.
First, he gave the fountain of his love
to a lonely-looking person
shopping among melons at a market.
Next, he gave some thoughts
that sounded like a song
to a little part of the sky
that seemed to shine in a thorough and thoughtful way,
the way he liked to live,
though his life often fell off cliffs of mindlessness,
which is mostly why
he decided to do some giving on this day,
just donating what he always has,
which is endless and bountiful,
as gifts to be found by the universe
as it floats and falls, with him, forever.  

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