There are times when I see, with surprising ease, that I’ve been given the gift of complete freedom. On those occasions, it becomes clear to me that, rather than being bound within a separate, isolated, vulnerable body, I am actually an essential part of a boundless and harmonious universe.  Atoms that make up the mind and body I call ‘mine’ were shaped at the same moment that stars started to shine and the earth to spin, and thus have sailed freely through countless eons. My thoughts, too, have flown to me on the freest wings, sailing into my life from who knows where, and I can take those thoughts beyond all boundaries, wherever I please. Most of the time, I confess, I do feel fettered by all kinds of limits, or walls, like this stone wall we passed on our bike ride this morning,

but at certain special times I know I’m as free as the morning winds that were passing over this wall and heading out to anywhere and everywhere.

+ + + + +

There will be lavish space 
all day. 
You can dare to do anything today 
because your actions will stream out 
in limitless directions,
 and endlessly. 
Let your life 
lift off 
and float in freedom, 
for all boundaries 
are broken down today, 
and the light knows no end. 
Nothing is solid. 
All is spreading and dancing today.

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