We had a wonderful visit with Annie, Gabe, and Louie this morning, out in the breezy shade on this very warm day. It was special for all of us, I think, to just be together, doing the proper distance thing but still sharing our friendship as fully as ever. I completely forgot to take pictures, but on an early walk this morning, before their visit, I passed some stones that, surprisingly, brought thoughts of our family.

Here, all the stones are special in their own exclusive way, just like the five of us in our shady yard this morning, and each stone, small or large, plays its special role in keeping all the stones, and the wall, stable and steady, just like all of us in our blended family try our best to do.

And here’s another closely bonded stone ‘family’ …

hugging and holding each other together. We couldn’t physically hug our family members in the backyard this morning, but we hugged their hearts with our hearts, maybe the strongest, happiest hug of all.

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