Browsing through the Bible recently, I was surprised to come upon this phrase in Psalm 106: “… the wonders in the land of Ham”. I’m sure I nodded and smiled, since I’m often called Ham, and since the land of my life is definitely full of wonders. Like all of us, I have a fair share of struggles, but they are easily outweighed by the wonders. To me, it’s a wonder that blood brings fresh energy to my body moment by moment, and that my lungs repeatedly lift with new life. As I write this, I’m amazed that I’m partaking in the full-of-wonders process of being part of this universe, a process that started and continues with no help from me. As I sit at my desk on this summer day, wonders work their magic all around me – tree limbs turning almost tenderly in a wind, a leaf falling to the grass with gracefulness, a sky carrying clouds no one has ever seen before. Yes, in the land of Ham (Salsich), each second brings a surprise, and each day makes way more wonders than struggles. 

This morning, Delycia and I found a world of wonders on our walk in Canonchet Preserve. I felt like I was looking at exceptional sights almost every second, as though I was walking in a forest paradise. How fortunate we are to be able to drive 30 minutes from our house and find a fairyland!

Here is a slide show of some of the scenes we passed. Swipe through them and feel our thankfulness.

+ + + + +

Here’s my love, taking a break after our walk, sitting in the shade beside Wyoming Pond …

+ + + + +

And, finally, here’s a happy picture from yesterday’s inspiring full-of-wonders walk on Napatree Beach …

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