Delycia and I had a scenic float on nearby Wood River today with Annie, Gabe, and Louie. There’s nothing nicer then sending yourself out on a pristine river with dear friends, and finding perfection wherever you look. Annie and I have loved the Wood River since she was a young girl, and I think all of us loved it today: its graceful flow, the lovely scenery in and around it, and – maybe most wondrous of all – a sky overflowing with boundless downy clouds. Here’s a slide show from the day’s adventure:

+ + + + +

Some birds flew by the feeders with a swish
and swirl, and all he did was smile and wish
his life could float like them. A leaf blew past
the birds, and as he watched, he smiled and asked
it how it learned to float, and then it flew
away among the birds, and something true
about his life was clear, that thoughts and words
can float as easily as leaves and birds.

+ + + + +

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