Several years ago, Delycia and I attended a dance concert at Connecticut College, and it was a truly astonishing performance by gifted young dancers. It was amazing to me that students taking a dance class three hours per week were able to present such a fluid and refined performance. I couldn’t help but think of the idea of ‘togetherness’ as I watched these inventive dancers glide around the stage. There was cohesion in their movements, a kind of easy harmony among their bodies as they smoothly set forth the themes of the various dances. There was an inspiring singleness among the dancers, as though they were one blended dancer instead of many. There was cohesiveness among them, and camaraderie, and the close bonds that bring people together to make something special. Our admiration and thanks went to the young dancers and the college’s Dance Department for doing what the whole world needs to do: work as one in fellowship and concord.  

And this morning, on our brisk walk on the seaside hills of Noank (CT), I noticed this peaceful scene of togetherness.

Here are several types of bushes and trees and fences and grass and old, silent stones and pavement, all staying together in peacefulness. Beyond, dozens of sailboats seem to be resting easily with each other, in partnership saving up strength for the next sail.

And then we saw these varieties of flowers, side by side, almost shoulder to shoulder, on this handsome seaside porch.

+ + + + +


You could see swinging
in your life - 
the breezy sway of the feeder 
with sparrows swinging on it -
the wavy movement of feelings 
inside you -
the fluttering of sorrows and joys 
together as friends.
Find any moment, 
and you will find 
a flowing back and forth, 
a friendly push and pull,
and you could easily swing 
and be amazed. 

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