Goodness is a steady and faithful follower. It seems to pursue me everywhere – in stores, where I can always see a gracious smile from at least one person; on walks, where strangers usually send a greeting with a wave; and especially in the midst of disappointment and sadness, when I can always count on goodness somehow giving me its gifts. Even in disaster and desolation, goodness is persistent and enduring, a devoted follower. It’s always just behind me, waiting and ready – as I discovered once again this morning when, returning home from a bike ride, Delycia pointed out this random smile waiting for me in the lawn spreader.

+ + + + +



(a poem about Sharon Z., 82, Blessings, CT)


She sees smiles everywhere.

In her house,

wastebaskets seem pleased

when she empties them,

and chairs show expressions of tenderness

as she considers which one to choose.

To her, trees seem amused

as they sway in passing winds,

and even sorrow

is gracious when it pays her a visit,

pleased to be bringing new understanding.

Each day seems delighted to see her,

and most moments seem thankful to be her friend.

It appears that life enjoys

making her feel good.

Even grief can come with a grin,

saying, “Don’t worry. I’ll be gone soon,

and wisdom, as usual, is right behind me.”


+ + + + +

We took an easygoing though sometimes strenuous bike ride this morning, the Wheeler Road – Al Harvey Road loop again, one of our favorites. I feel sure we smiled most of the way, because we both especially love the openness

that seems to be all around us along these quiet country roads. Yes, there are stone fences everywhere, but they don’t fence in our vision of the widespread pastures, forests, and skies – and this massive stone fence didn’t stop Delycia from soaring away from me on her lightweight bike.

And certainly, no ‘No Trespassing’ sign can keep two lovers of spaciousness from stopping to see a handsome green and golden pasture.

+ + + + +

I always smile to see Delycia’s spectacular flowers …

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