Biking this morning,

we rested while working hard –

just like sunlight does.

I was resting my elbows on the arms of my desk chair just moments ago, and it made me think about how many other things are available to help me loosen up and relax a little. The chairs set around our house, for instance, are simply places for pausing for rest. When I’m sitting in a comfortable chair, it’s like the chair is saying, Stay with me and rest awhile. Even our carpeted floors are places for easing up and slowing down – soft foot-beds, you might say, where worn-out feet can find some useful rest. I guess, honestly, resting places are presented to me almost everywhere – my shoes, those cozy homes for my creaky old feet; the sidewalks that are more restful for my feet than the often rutted roads; the cushioned seat in our car that cares for me while I drive; and even, I suppose, the whole earth that’s been holding me pleasantly and faithfully up for 78 years. I never have to search to find a place to pause and rest, for the reliable, homey earth is always there for me.

And here’s my Delycia, the master gardener of Mystic., after several good hours of gardening, resting in well deserved sleep on her beloved hammock.

+ + + + +

After mowing the lawn, he made the journey
into restfulness and fairytale lightheartedness.
He held his old life in his arms
and let some songs flow easily over it.
In his comfy chair, be blessed the breeze
coming through the window and the daring curtains
that undulated in complicated, well-designed ways.
Wandering was what he wanted to do,
and he did it like a happy river
rolling along and belonging everywhere.

+ + + + +

And here’s a slideshow of some of Delycia’s flowers today …

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