colors in the sky –

lovely colors in our thoughts –

life always aglow

+ + + + +

The sky was a vast sheet of shifting colors this morning.

Shortly after 5:00 a.m., we sat together at the glass table on the patio, and, in almost steady silence, we observed the sky as it restyled itself, moment by moment. It was a ceremony of soft colors, shifting so smoothly that it was easy to miss the changes. We could even see the sky and its reshaping of colors on the glass tabletop where we sat in the silent presence of St. Francis and his petunias.

+ + + + +


(Braelynn J., 52, Blessings, CT)
One day, 
she felt forlorn and lost, 
so she decided to be careful
about everything.
She moved around the house, 
in a meticulous manner,
loving the look of her shoes 
as she stepped along the carpets. 
She was very particular 
about praising the style of the sky’s color
and the curl of leaves 
of the little tree by the back fence. 
On this friendless day, 
she decided to be considerate 
to all things - 
to step aside so a squirrel could pass, 
and to share her gracious thoughts 
with a few birds
who seemed surprisingly lost.  
On this day of feeling hopeless,
she stayed on the lookout 
for signs of light everywhere – 
the shine in her shirt sleeve 
when she noticed it in the sunlight,
the dazzle of two small stones in the garden.
In her life that seemed so lonesome today,
 she stayed watchful for wonders - 
even the slight squeak 
of her desk chair 
as she turned to notice
light green leaves 
silent in the morning light.  

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