On our walk today in the lovely Peace Sanctuary on the Mystic River, we paused to study some of the pleasing strangeness that we almost always see on our walks and rides. There were trees and enormous stones that seemed to be sharing their lives like friends …

and there were trees whose faces stared at us as we walked …

and there was one very serious student who studied leaves and flowers and ancient silent trees beside the trail.

+ + + + +


(from an application)
The more I studied, the more I 
understood the stars in their homes, 
and the winds that sing across roads. 
I watched the wings of birds, the 
running rivers, the clouds like friends 
together, and the brave brotherhood
of trees. I heard the hearts of books 
beating, listened to the voices of 
pencils, and studied the conversations 
of computer keys. I attended the school 
of tears, the summer camp of friendship, 
and the college of chaos and love. The 
sunrise showed me wisdom, and all the 
bends in all the roads were my teachers. 
I turned the pages of silence each day. 
My grades were set in the sky at night.   

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