Although I am rarely aware of it, spontaneity is always all around me. At any given moment, a great multitude of things are happening instantly and concurrently, sort of like limitless lightning streaks flashing each second. At this particular moment, as I type beside a window, there are trees twisting in the wind, squirrels scooting across the grass, sparrows shaking at the feeders, hearts of wrens and humans holding steady, clouds cruising easily, countless lives being lived with steadiness across the universe – and all of this is instantaneous and synchronized, like an on-the–spot, systematized dance. What’s strange is that none of us can avoid being part of this dance. It’s what life is. Despite being usually unaware of it, I live a totally synchronized and constantly spontaneous life, flowing ceaselessly and swiftly with all things, from sparrows to spinning planets, in a sudden and well-balanced way. 

On our walk this morning at the Denison Pequotsepos Preserve, I saw many examples of spontaneity, one of which was Delycia, on the spur of the moment, placing a small stone at the top of a cairn that was on a stone wall when we passed.

+ + + + +

Luckily, this morning I spontaneously snapped photos of these lovely, free-and-easy flowers in Delycia’s garden.

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