I sometimes like to think I’m doing something “by myself”, when the truth is that it’s an impossibility. I am never truly by myself, never a totally solitary, separate person. I am an intertwined piece of a thoroughly unified universe, and as such I am inseparably linked with countless other persons and things. In a sense, thousands of “friends” are with me every second. All the people I’ve ever known, for instance, are still with me, since their influence, no matter how slight, is still inside me somewhere, still assisting me in making decisions. Also, the air around me is with me, joined to me at all times, continuously flowing into my lungs in a helpful way. And even on overcast days, some sort of sunlight is constantly with me, lighting my way, lending a helping hand. The list of my “assistants” goes on and on: the cells in my body that work ceaselessly to support my endeavors; the blood that brings newness so I know what to do next; the heart that’s always right there with me, pumping with perfection like a partner. I might sometimes pretend that I’m “by myself”, but the truth is that untold “friends” are ever with me, making living a rather exciting and cordial collaboration. 

On our walk this morning in Canonchet Preserve (Hope Valley, RI), we saw proof that nothing is ever by itself, since nature knows only endless, trustworthy partnerships – leaves with leaves, sticks with stones and soil, and big boulders with kindhearted trees like trusted sidekicks (below).

+ + + + +


(Bernice D., 61, Blessings, CT)

Bernice tries to show

how truly shiny life is,

and how all things,

both sorrows and joys, 

swing along 

like lit-up, lovely partners.

She tries to tell the world

why smiles spring up in her

as easily as breezes 

on spring days.

She sees life as a showpiece 

of sincere and steady blessings, 

the tears together with the triumphs,

and she loves to share the show

with friends,

watching and flowing together 

like life.

+ + + + +

And here are some poppy blossoms that are “flowing together like life” …

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