The word “reverence” has to do with treating someone or something with respect and honor, and it strikes me that any day deserves this kind of treatment. As I sit in the sunroom with Delycia during breakfast , seeing sunlight slowly spreading across the yard, I  often feel a sense of amazement at the appearance, once again, of so many marvels. The sunshine, for instance, brings its blessings to us from billions of miles away, and on most mornings it makes our grass shine and the side of the house next door stand out like a sheet of silver. When I see the trees swaying in passing breezes, I wonder how many little and large movements I will see during the day – the sway of Delyica’s arms as she walks through the house, the easy passing of cars along our street, the sudden rising of birds from a bush.  All days are surely days for reverence, days to welcome and bow to and give a greeting of esteem and praise.  

This morning was certainly a time for reverence, as I sat outside and watched the subtle and stylish movements around me.

+ + + + +

The flowers in Delycia’s garden are magical in their many gossamer movements – small flutterings and swayings as the breezes pass. It would be a fine few minutes to simply sit and watch them do their silent shiftings.

+ + + + +


(about Sharon Z., 82, Blessings, CT)

Her dad always said 
she should get her act together, 
and suddenly,
at 68, 
while shopping at McQuades, 
she saw that 
it had always been together, 
and that it wasn’t just her act, 
but that each moment 
she performs with countless friends, 
like the flowing sky,
and her talented lungs,
and the skillful movements 
of sunshine and starlight.
She saw that even her thoughts 
are daring dancers
that swirl and sway 
with the limitless thoughts 
that prance through the universe
as part of an act 
that has neither starts nor endings, 
and she and all things 
are the clever performers,
even when wondering 
which cucumbers
to choose. 

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