Never Alone


            Like most of us, I have spent a significant amount of time concerned about my safety and security, but sometimes it comes to me with clarity that this infinite and friendly universe has me – and this solitary bird I saw this morning upon a lamppost beside the Mystic River – in its very good hands.

The truth is that I, and this bird, are not separate and solitary, but essential and sheltered parts of a single everlasting force, sometimes called God, the Tao, or just the Universe – a force that is always doing what is absolutely perfect for itself. If I close my eyes, I can see my life as a waft in a wind that never started and will never stop, or a wave in an endless ocean. How can this waft or this wave possibly be harmed? They can change, certainly – every atom in this universe is constantly changing – but instead of fearing these changes, I should try to appreciate them. This astonishing universe takes good care of uncountable atoms and cells and particles, forever and ever, and it will take good care of the particles called ‘bird on a lamppost’ and ‘Hamilton Salsich’. 

+ + + + +


Sharon Z., 82, Blessings, CT

For 60 years, she thought she was alone,
a single worker in a factory called ‘life’, 
but then one stirring summer day
she realized she is never alone. 
She saw that she has always lived within
an endless, friendly, ever-moving sea,
where she is simply waves and ripples as
they freely flow and glide without an end.  
A wave is always loose and ready 
to roll down or rise, and ripples flow the way
its sea prefers, which makes her smile
to see that life is truly effortless. 
She sees that boundaries do not exist,
that partnerships are free and everywhere,
that harmony maneuvers all of life.
She calls herself a very happy wave,
and loves the faithful rippling of life.  

And, for sure, Delycia’s beautiful flowers are never alone …

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