Wednesday, May 20

            One day, visiting my grandchildren at their house in the countryside, I started messing around with some small stones on one of the many stone walls on the property – just seeing what structure I could create in a few minutes. I had no design in mind, only the desire to do something spontaneous and set the stones wherever my hands wished them to be. If someone had asked me what I was building, I might have said “whatever my hands wish” – or maybe, like so many young people today, just “whatever”, perhaps with a suitable shrug. However, there would be no spirit of indifference or exasperation in my “whatever”, as there often seems to be when I hear the word spoken. If I said “whatever”, it would be because whatever I build with those small stones would be something special to me. I guess, in a way, I’m a whatever kind of guy. Whatever a day brings, I try to see what it has that can help me. I know that whatever happens a minute from now is the truth for that moment, and whatever thought I have at any moment helps me, somehow, be exactly who I’m supposed to be. It’s a good word for me. I’m more likely to smile than shrug when I say “whatever”.    

+ + + + +



Whatever is here, as you sit, 

just juggle it all 

like you largely enjoy 

the gymnasium aspect of life. 

You’ll see the edges of events and thoughts 

gracefully change direction 

as you toss them with thorough agility.

You’ll feel encouragement 

from all around you, 

the magical air, 

your ageless breath. 

+ + + + +

Our chalkboard poem for today …

+ + + + +

And … Delycia’s beautifully trimmed garden borders …

+ + + + +

And … a lovely garden pot, sculpted entirely with small round beach stones, seen on our morning walk in Noank …

+ + + + +

And … the first white irises of the season!

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