Wednesday, May 13, 2020


We took an extra-early walk this morning, leaving the house at sunrise, about 5:30, and soon we came upon this scene –

the rising sun shining through some trees above the Mystic River. It started me thinking about the several kinds of sunrises I could see every day – every hour, even every moment. You might say there’s a rising sun inside all the moments that make their fresh starts so many times a day. Each moment in any given day carrys cleanness and brilliance as special as any sunrise – if only I could notice it. It’s as if there’s a new-made morning in every passing moment. Tens of thousands of times each day, I could see a ‘sunrise’ by simply seeing the newness that’s rising around me. It should be an easy task, like looking for gold in a land made of gold, or searching for warmth on a shore in the south.   

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