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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

On our walk in Noank on this nippy spring morning, under an almost absolutely blue sky, for some reason I started looking for faces, but not human ones. One of the strangest secrets of the universe, for me, is that immeasurable numbers of faces are concealed everywhere, and this morning I saw a few.

Here’s an old wall beside a road we were walking, and I paused to see the several faces resting among the stones, just staring out at passers-by like us. They’ve been sitting there for years and years, just savoring the winds and sunshine and sounds along the Connecticut shore. I hope you can also see the faces, because they are special.

+ + + + +

And here we have a large, old-looking fellow with its eyes closed, perhaps dozing in the spring sunshine.

+ + + + +

And here’s Delycia taking a picture of the face of a quiet, grazing cow with an overlay of loose green hair.

+ + + + +

And here’s a friendly 95-year-old with springtime-of-life hair blowing in the breeze.

+ + + + +

We couldn’t see too many faces of real birds, but we heard their music!

+ + + + +

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