Tuesday, April 21, 2020

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I’ve been thinking lately that, now in my retirement years, I’m lucky to have so many ordinary days in my life. I realize that the word ‘ordinary’ can carry a negative connotation, suggesting monotony and tedium, but interestingly, it stems from the Latin word for ‘orderly’, and I do love the orderly look of these senior days of mine. Confusion occasionally seems to surface, but that’s usually because I’m not noticing the orderliness  and rightness inside the seeming disorder. The fact is, my days – all of them – are made by the universe in just the right way, perfect for me, and the many occurrences in my days are set out before me in a meticulous display, exactly in the proper pattern – if only I could see things clearly. There’s an essential orderliness everywhere – in trees sprouting their blossoms at precisely the right times, in clouds crossing the sky just as they must, even in cars cruising the roads systematically with the help of lanes and lights and signals. This universe I live in is basically an orderly miracle, just as orderly as this lovely front-yard garden we passed on our walk yesterday.

I will admit that it’s not easy to see the order beneath the disarray and disasters of our times, but still, my senior days, like all the days of my long life, have so far been “ordinary” in the best way – full of graceful form and structure that I’m slowly starting to see and understand. 

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Our walk this morning …

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