Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Yesterday, during our walk in Elm Grove Cemetery, I saw this single sculler out in the Mystic River,

and my first thought was that she or he was all by themselves. However, when I looked at this photograph back at the house, I suddenly could see that, of course, they were not alone, just like nothing is ever alone – no person, no ripple in a river, no ray of sun shining on a sculler. Everything is connected with everything else. One of the saddest illusions I’ve carried with me for most of my years is the belief in separateness – the assumption that everything is separate from everything else in a universe of comprehensive disconnection. Looking at this photo, however, helps bring back the simple and shining fact that everything is connected. The sculler, the river, the trees, the sky, the silent stones in the cemetery – all are inseparable from each other in this universe of constant and faithful connection.

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