The Chosen

Friday, April 10, 2020

On a walk yesterday, while Delycia was doing her selfless task of grocery shopping for us, I passed this scene

and paused to give it a good look. At first, nothing special stood out, but as I stood silently for a few minutes, it slowly seemed to me that everything in the scene was special – each little and big limb in the trees, each of the countless trees and shrubs, each cemetery stone, even the simplest ones, and each tuft of old, winter-worn grass. To chose something that was somehow extra-special seemed silly and false, for the whole scene seemed exceptional to me. Each stone and tree and limb and shrub was ‘the chosen one’, the one that rose up in its own place to be present in its own noteworthy way. Walking home, I considered that perhaps I need to more often look for the exquisiteness of everything I pass – every thing, event, situation, and person – because each of them truly is ‘the chosen one’.

+ + + + +

            I guess I’m no more self-centered than most of us, but from now on, I hope I can continually choose to let something other than my ‘self’ become the center of my life, something called the entire universe. I want to choose, each day, to be more universecentered. Instead of pondering the problems my little ‘self’ seems to always have, I’d like to wonder more about what’s happening outside of ‘me’ – what’s happening in the homes of people who are suffering with illness or scarcity, and in the homes of people who feel lucky to be alive; what’s happening in the forests and valleys across the world, where animals and plants prosper while I fret over my paltry problems; what’s happening, even, among the planets and stars as they swirl me along on our endless passage through time without end. I grow weary of worrying about this small segment of the universe called ‘Hamilton Salsich’. There are majestic miracles surrounding me for millions of miles on all sides, and I’m now choosing to stay, as best I can, centered on them. I want to set my ‘self’ off to the side, and see, almost for the first time, the true ‘chosen one’ – the wondrous universe that’s been patiently waiting for me to find it.      

+ + + + +

Here’s yesterday’s magnetic poem on our fridge, with a reply from Delycia just under it.

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