Thursday, March 26, 2020

            The word “permit” derives from two Latin words meaning “flow through”, which makes me realize that I should do a lot more permitting in my life. I especially need to permit thoughts and situations to flow through my life as effortlessly as they naturally want to do. Thoughts and situations, after all, are not stationary objects, but ever-moving events in the endless procession called life. They come to us, but with surprising speed they always go from us, passing away and usually leaving just a mist in the memory. My problem is that I often don’t permit my thoughts and situations to flow in their effortless, inexorable way. Strangely enough, I seem to set up barriers, so that thoughts and situations, especially the worrisome ones, are blocked from flowing through, and instead, stay solid and real in my life for far too long. I need to remember that everything passes away soon enough, including thoughts and situations. I should probably sit more often on the bank of the river of my life and give it permission to flow easily – like the little bubbling streamlet below, which we passed on this morning’s walk, flows effortlessly into the Mystic River.

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