Tuesday, March 24, 2020

I sometimes wonder if gaining wisdom isn’t as hard as I’ve thought. Perhaps it’s like simply opening my inner eyes and looking through the very wide windows inside me. The problem is that there seem to be countless other windows inside me – tiny, narrow ones – and I spend most of my time squinting through those, always seeing only obstacles and endless mazes. Perhaps wisdom comes when we turn to the wide windows, the endlessly wide ones, and see the truly vast panorama of reality.  The scenery of my life sometimes seems surrounded by borders and restrictions, as though I’m living in a small and mystifying maze, but wisdom occasionally wakes me up, and then I can look through its vast, wide-open windows and see how immeasurable my life and all lives really are.  It’s like suddenly standing on the summit of Mt. Everest and seeing reality, all of it, spread out in endless vistas below me.  That’s what wisdom does when I simply open up life and look through the right windows. 

+ + + + +

I see openings in each of these scenes from this morning’s walk on the hills of Mystic:

On this chilly morning, these daffodils seem totally open to the cold air and overcast sky, welcoming the miracle of whatever light is there. Also, I’ll bet the bushes and trees behind the wall are open to whatever winds and frostiness might be passing through.

Here’s a wide open field above the Mystic River and under a spacious, spread-out sky.

And all these trees seem to be leaning a little to the east to be as open as possible to the rising sunshine.

+ + + + +

+ + + + +

Our chalkboard poem for today …

+ + + + +

“Rooms by the Sea”, 1951, Edward Hopper

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