Saturday, March 21, 2020

For some reason, I’ve always been especially fascinated by the big boulders I’ve seen on woodland walks, like those in the photo below, seen on our walk on Barn Island today. When I see boulders, I often pause to study them for a few minutes, and I sometimes have felt like I was waiting for some answer from the enormous stones, as if they were teachers that could tell me truths I needed to know. After all, boulders like these have been sitting – patiently sitting, I would say – precisely where they are for thousands of years (millions?), just staying put, simply sitting, right here and right now, moment after moment, hour after hour, century after century. Wars have come and gone, epochs and eras have passed, and these stones – silent and strong – are still right here. I guess – as silly as it might sound – I admire their patience. If they could talk to me, they would say, “Just wait, Ham. Sit still and watch and wait. We love doing it! It’s an amazing experience!” I guess boulders like these have been my meditation teachers for many years. They seem to know that patience can prepare you for miracles.

+ + + + +

And here we are, patiently trying to get a good selfie on our walk today.

+ + + + +

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