Friday, March 20, 2020

During our walk in a local cemetery this morning, I started noticing how everything seemed to blend together, almost as if there were no separations, just a smoothly fused collection of shapes and shades of color. I realized, as I occasionally do, that any separations that I seem to experience in life exist only in my thinking. My mind says “gravestone” and “grass” and “this tree” and “that tree”, but in reality there is simply a swirl of various shapes and colors that my mind finds it helpful to separate and label. Delycia and I were actually walking through, and fluidly blending with, a fully unified world of shapes and colors, an intermingled realm that’s labeled, for the sake of convenience, St. Patrick’s Cemetery.

St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Mystic, CT

+ + + + +

“Waterlilies”, Claude Monet

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