Wednesday, February 19, 2020

     I love sitting at my desk and occasionally watching the wind sway and bend the limbs of the trees outside. It reminds me of maybe the most important truth I need to remember – that a power infinitely more vast and influential than me is always at work, even in strife and sorrow and disaster, to sway and bend all of life precisely the way it should go. The trees can teach me an essential lesson – that letting go and letting grander powers do their certain and necessary work is the only way to win the rewards of absolute peace and assurance. I’m sure the trees only grow stronger as they surrender to the working of the winds – as they allow their limbs to flexibly flow in countless ways – and I’m sure I will grow stronger as I grow accustomed to willingly accepting, without hesitation, what each present moment entrusts me with, for it is always, I know, a gift full of surprising powers.

our neighbor’s trees growing and learning by accepting the wind’s gifts


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