Sunday, February 9, 2020

Last night, I had some trouble falling asleep, due to the sounds of some women talking and laughing on a nearby linai. They were not shouting. In fact, their words and laughter were simply the sounds of people having a fairly quiet kind of friendly fun. Looking back, I’m disappointed that I let the sounds of their conversation disturb me. Why should I be bothered by friends showing their friendship? Wouldn’t it have been more sensible to have been happy for their happiness, to have silently praised their friendliness as I lay in bed? Instead of struggling with their sounds from the neighboring linai, I could have relaxed and allowed their happiness to hover around me and help me fall into an easy and wholesome sleep.


Scenes from this morning’s sunrise walk:

… the lovely full moon at 6:46 a.m.

… and the slowly rising sun beneath a quilt of clouds …

And some very new faces in the sand …


Here’s a poem I wrote today , after overhearing some interesting words …


(overheard on a beach walk:

“From nothing! from a spreadsheet!”)


From nothing,

from a spreadsheet,

from sunshine on eyelashes,

from losses that dazzle like light –

from anything at all

can come thoughts

that throw themselves around your life

like starlight.

Be always ready.

The days are set

to burst open –

from clusters of dust,

from the sight of a single shell

sitting still

on the sand.


 (first written on 02/09/2020)  

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