Saturday, February 8, 2020

Once again this morning, the beach seemed newly scrubbed by the strong winds and waves, and what was left was a pure treasure of shells. We walked in wonder among the amazing assortment, especially the many spiraled shells and paper figs. We had planned to not collect more shells, but this glorious sunrise display forced us to revise our plans. Here are the shells I found this morning …

… and this is Delycia’s treasure. (She especially loves what are called ‘paper figs’.)


As always, the slow rising of the sun was lovely to see …

… and a group of pelicans seemed just as spellbound as we were …

And of course, there were a few special faces staring up at us from the sand …


Here’s a short sunrise meditation…


There were strange and special creatures in the clouds above the beach:

– a Florida alligator

– and a small, bustling puppy like the ones we see on the beach …


This afternoon we did another happy-go-lucky bike ride, about eight miles, wandering easily along the mostly sunny bike paths, stopping now and then to take pictures of pelicans sitting in the tops of tall palms and pileated woodpeckers hanging and pecking on the sides. For lunch, we enjoyed Buddha bowls at a small cafe, and then spent some time at the beautiful library, reading and appreciating its serene atmosphere.


Sunset on the beach this evening …

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