Thursday, February 6, 2020

This morning we took an extra-early walk (starting about 6:30) up the beach to the lighthouse, and then over to The Lighthouse Cafe for breakfast. We caught just a glimpse – but a special one – of the rising sun,

and I spotted a few faces resting on the morning sand,

and Cia saw two ospreys nesting on the chimney of the lighthouse building,

and we both loved watching a kiteboarder floating across the waves under his colorful kite.

As we were walking, I carried in my hand copies of three of my poems, occasionally glancing down and reading them.


Later in the morning, we did a 6 mile bike ride up to Noah’s Ark, a wonderful nonprofit ‘used-everything’ store managed by a local church. I purchased a like-new wool sweater there last week, and was hoping to find some lightweight beach pants – but no luck. However, as usual, we loved our lighthearted bike riding.


My poem for today…


(a cinquain for Louie)


soft pelicans 

maybe I belong here 

the wind is graceful like all life

I’m home


In the afternoon, I spent about an hour sitting on the beach, with sunshine spread out everywhere and wind whipping skittishly and small kids kicking up sand as they scurried after birds. It was an hour in paradise for a lucky old dude.


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