Saturday, February 1, 2020

We thought we might miss our morning beach walk today, due to the rainy forecast, but Cia went down with a raincoat, and, before long, called me excitedly and said I better come down quickly because the sky and sea is as splendid as ever. So, I quickly set out with my bag for bringing home shells, and yes, we did have a splendid shell-collecting, bird-watching, sky-appreciating walk. Take a look at the video below …

This afternoon, we drove to The Lighthouse Cafe with Al and MaryAnne for one last gathering before they caught their flight back to St. Louis. In the noisy cafe, we laughed and chatted about a few dozen topics, while enjoying some Sanibel Island specialties. I had my usual stack of fries, along with an ambrosial smothering of fish, onions, and mushrooms. It’s fun to be with people you love and food you won’t soon forget.

Toward evening, we made a special sunset 🌅 visit to the beach. Here’s a short video …


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