Wednesday, January 29, 2020

This morning, I went down to the beach after breakfast and sat in silence for close to an hour, just welcoming whatever I saw – handsome pelicans, soft-looking, spread-out clouds – and enjoying some strong spiritual thoughts as they floated through me. It was some heaven-time beside a sacred-looking sea.


Later, we rode a 12- mile loop up to The Ding Darling Sanctuary, and spent some absorbing minutes browsing among the many exhibits. We especially enjoyed the photographic work of Clyde Butcher (see below).


My poem for today (from 2018)…


He knows each morning 

is freshly washed,

each moment 

scoured and rinsed. 

It thrills him 

that life is so pristine, 

so brand new

and begging to dance,

and he bows 

and dances.

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