Tuesday, January 28, 2020

This morning, around 6:50, we took an inspiring walk on the beach, only 40 minutes or so, but rousing nonetheless. Just seeing the pelicans was enough to uplift us, with their odd but beautiful bodies and beaks, and of course their stately, graceful way of flying. And the sunrise, with a little line of bright light breaking through the horizon’s clouds and in a matter of minutes becoming the spreading morning sunshine – how could we be any more fortunate?

A proud and lovely pelican …



Our first look at the morning light on our way through the courtyard to the beach….



Three views of the slowly rising sun …



Two impressive sand sculptures…



My poem for today, written several years ago, back home …


One day,

an old guy saw glory

all around him.

The flowers in his wife’s garden

seemed famous that day,

and all the shoppers in the supermarket aisles

were illustrious and memorable.

There was even distinction

in the sweltering summer heat

that made him want to praise it,

and all his thoughts

were glitzy and brassy like celebrities

as they strutted in splendor

through his mind.

There was praise in all the breezes

and reverence in the passing of cars

on his street,

so much that the man decided to do homage,

so he held each moment in his hand

and honored it.    



Some of Cia’s shells collected in the past three days …


We rode our bikes up to the Sanibel Cafe for lunch. It was a breezy, easy ride on the smooth trails, often passing riders going the opposite way – riders of all sizes and ages and abilities – and relishing the show of shadows and sunshine and constant surprises this January day devised for us. Our lunch, we agreed, was excellent, and we decided we’d be willing to come back sometime – perhaps fairly soon.







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