Every Thursday is recycle day in our neighborhood, but no day – no moment – misses a chance to recycle everything, even thoughts. All the bones in my body are built from atoms that have been recycled innumerable times over billions of years. My skin is formed from infinitesimal flecks of matter that have been used and reused by the universe since it started eons ago, and the blood that brings life to me is made of reprocessed atoms as old as the stars. Even my thoughts, those sparks of intelligence I like to call “mine”, are simply ancient ideas shared and passed down by countless numbers of people since prehistoric times. There’s never a new thought, just thoughts that have been used and loved and enhanced for centuries, and finally given as gifts to me, to use and care for and then confer on others to love and use and then pass on – recycle – once again.


Below, a thank you note to a friend …

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